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July 8, 2011


Cynthia Bendlin US State Department International Women of Courage awardee who lives in Asuncion has offered to enhance our delegation with introductions to Paraguayan officals and specialists along with exposure to local artisans.  Cynthia has been in touch with the US Ambassador about a meeting for the delegation at the Embassy in Asuncion.


Paraguay is noted for its native arts and crafts originating in the many Indian tribes that are indigenous to the country.  Trip participants will be able to choose between outstanding collections of ceramics, embroideries (table cloths and napkins), baskets, silver jewelry and leather works. 


We are hoping to meet with U.S. Consul General Thomas Kelly or his designate in Sao Paulo.  Consul General Kelly met with our delegation to Argentina several years ago and is familiar with AWIU and its goals.  


Sao Paulo is one of two Counsel General Consulates in Brazil.  The staff is composed of experts in US Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE) along with intelligence research specialists.  We look forward to meeting with members of the staff and gaining an insight into the problems posed by human trafficking, child labor, trade fraud and other serious threats to stability in the Southern Hemisphere.