NEXT MEETING January 27 Noon Pacific

On the 27th, the Chapter will continue Delegation Planning.  There are two new Brazil AWIU relationships to consider.  

GLOBAL PRESS INSTITUTE:   Effective February 2011 AWIU will partner with the Global Press Institute for their first South American Bureau.  The Bureau will be located in three countries–Brazil, Argentina and Chile.

In Brazil the office will be headquartered in Recife.  

Nine women will be hired by these bureaus and will be trained as journalists.  After training, they will earn a middle income wage working as reporters in their home country.  The South American initiative is expected to reach an audience of several million.

AWIU will establish a mentor relationship with these women.


Women of Courage 2011

This week the US State Department announced the countries for the 10 International Women of Courage recipients for 2012.  These women will be honored by AWIU at a Gala Celebration at the National Press Club on March 6.  You can register to attend The International Women of Courage Gala Celebration  This is a truly inspiring event.  Each woman will receive a monetary grant from AWIU to support her work in her home country. 


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