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Sao Paulo Chosen as Brazil Anchor City

May 27, 2011

At the Meeting on the 25th, Sao Paulo was selected as the Anchor City for the Brazil part of the delegation. 

At the meeting, Joan McEachern and Robin Winter Odem gave an encompassing description of Sao Paulo from its founding in 1554 by Catholic missionaries to its current role as the largest city in Brazil and the seventh largest city in the world.

They recommended that those interested in participating in the trip should learn more at See a detailed description of the history and current status of this vibrant city. 

Binka Le Breton (contact of Robin Winter Odem, Chicago Chapter Chair) is a resident of Brazil and has volunteered to be involved in the event planning for our group in Brazil.  She is a well known author of four books reflecting Brazilian history and life style.  Her husband is an international agricultural economist and some twenty years ago they established The Iracombi Rainforest Research Center on a farm in Brazil.  Her most recent book “Where The Road Ends:  A Home in the Brazilian Rainforest” is a description of that achievement.

After discussion, the Chapter approved an October  delegation of 12 days including travel days from the United States.  The cost is estimated to be $3500 to $4000 including airfare from the United States.  The Pre and Post Trips are an additional cost.

HERE IS THE PROPOSED ITINERARY:  This trip is awaiting AWIU Board Approval on June 3.



DATES:  October 16, 2011- to 28, 2011.  With potential Pre and Post Trips

PRE TRIP       October 14-15, 2011       Pre Trip—Iguazu Falls

OFFICIAL DELEGATION  October 16-20, 2011        

                        PARAGUAY   16                   ANCHOR CITY                                                                                            Asuncion Paraguay

Orientation/Tour Asuncion

                                                Focus:  Women and Their Lives


                                                            In Polititcs

                                                            Medical Care


                                                           Economic Situation                                                                                                                                                                                                           Environment

            17-18                                    Meetings NGO’s and Women                                                                Leaders

            19                                           Meeting Embassy

                                                            Final Review

Travel to Brazil

                        BRAZIL                     ANCHOR CITY Sao Paulo

                        October 21-27, 2011        

                                                Focus:  Women and their lives


                                                            In Polititcs

                                                            Medical Care


                                                            Economic Situation


            22-26                         Meetings NGO’s and Women                                                                Leaders
            27                                Meeting Consulate

                                                Trip Review

            28                               Delegation ends

                                                Post Trips available

October 28-30, 2011        Post Trip1—Rio De Janeiro  OR

                                                 Post Trip 2    Brasilia


Cynthia Bendlin Outlines Possible Paraguay Meetings

May 11, 2011

Cynthia Bendlin, 2008 Secretary of State’s International Women of Courage awardee attended the May 11 Virtual Chapter Meeting.  She has been working with a number of contacts in Paraguay who will meet with the Delegation in October.

The organizations she proposes are wide ranging including politicians, women’s advocates, anti trafficking groups and cultural associations such as orchestras.  More details will be developed in the next few months.

At the next meeting on May 25th at 2:00 PM Pacific Time, a final decision will be made on Brazil destinations.  Three cities are under consideration, Curitiba in Southern Brazil, Brasilia, the Capitol in West Central and San Paulo which is the largest city in the Western Hemisphere and the 9th largest city in the world,

Here are links which will provide the background information for the next meeting.

Brasilia images from Google
Wikitravel on Brasilia
Wikipedia on Brasilia
CURITIBA INFORMATION  Anne has some contacts here that could be developed.
google images
wikipedia San Paulo
Anyone who is interested in this information may attend the meeting.